Founded in India , Prayama Business Solutions(PBS) provides global organizations with  cost efficient outsourcing solutions in the domains of International Law ,International Sales and Marketing, Accounting and Client Management . 

For any mid-sized company, expanding to global footprints comes with the inherent risk of insufficient market and legal knowledge of these markets. PBS, with it experience in multiple global markets partners with these mid-sized organizations as their extended arm delivering the most suitable solutions and services.

Our experts are well-versed and updated with the domestic and international laws, taxation and accounting norms and keep abreast of any policy and regulatory change, and there by proactively avoiding hassles for our clients.

Prayama Business Solutions is the Indian entity of the AM. Abacus group ,a global corporate services provider enabling international businesses, wealth planning & asset protection solutions and international fund operations for individuals and institutional clients , offering its services in jurisdictions across the world .